Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Summer blogging

I've got a couple of days left at work this week, then my chunk of annual leave starts... and that's when my really intensive thesis workload gets going. From now till about mid September, I'll be reading, interviewing people and writing. It will be hideously busy, but probably do-able in a relatively short burst.

I was wondering whether I would have loads more time that I could spend usefully doing other things (like finishing a PhD!!!!) if I'd never heard of blogs, or started one myself. Or maybe it's become a normal part of my everyday life now, just another way to communicate, find new information and get a strange window into different views, jobs and ideas from reading other people's blogs.

So my summer resolution is that I'll try to resist the urge to either write, or read other blogs, if it seems to be eating into my thesis time. If updating mine is a bit sporadic, that's probably why. On the other hand, maybe that will be impossible to do and I'll end up spending twice as much time on them! Either way, my deadline is fixed, so whatever works best, I guess, as it's very important to me...

I've just realised that my last few words were a slight understatement, as anyone who's done (or is doing) a PhD will know. For those who haven't embarked on that strange academic rite of passage, it's the culmination of many year's work, which is why it matters.... 'Important'? Oh yes.


dickiebo said...

Good luck, m'dear.
Don't forget to 'Moderate' the comments, or you'll likely come back to - wellll, I don't know what!

Claire said...

Thanks, I'll do my best!
Probably won't be able to stay away from blogs though!