Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Yesirree, I finally submitted my thesis for examination yesterday afternoon. Printed it out (7 copies of about 300 pages each) on Friday afternoon, took them to the binders and collected them yesterday lunchtime to deliver to Research HQ to be signed off. I dreamed my bag of theses got swopped on the bus with someone's heavy bag of Tesco's shopping so I was thwarted at the last moment for submitting, but that didn't happen in real life as I clutched them tightly, just in case. 3 copies get sent to a panel of chosen academics for my examination in a few months time, before the whole thing rolls on towards its final conclusion. It's been a hideous few weeks which I hope I never have to revisit, far too much stress and a dreadful lack of proper sleep, but at least it's another stage reached.

So in the words of Dusty Springfield, now I just don't know what to do with myself,* as it's been hanging over me for so long! Well, not quite in Dusty's words as she obviously wasn't singing about a thesis and she's sad, whereas I'm certainly not, but it makes my point, and anyway she's got a great voice and it's got an interesting set made from big white tubes. So now I'll have to rehabilitate myself into 'normal' life again! How weird it's all been recently....

* apart from catching up on sleep, SO desperately needed right now.