Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Procrastinator Returns

Haven't fancied writing anything for ages as all the stuff that's been preoccupying me wasn't really appropriate, given my rather half-hearted occasional attempts at anonymity and trying to be sensible about what I stick on the internet.

I have been offered a different job (part time) as my other one disappeared. It should be more interesting than the old one and will pay the bills (just about), plus it gives me time to carry on teaching in the same institution and to decide what to do with my PhD material. I wish my colleagues weren't going to be leaving though. I like working with people who make me laugh and I will miss their take on the peculiarities of daily life. Perhaps some of the new lot will have the same sense of humour.... I do hope so.

I've got to finish writing a conference paper today, which is presumably why I'm on here, obviously old habits die hard and all that. It's rather out of my academic comfort zone (different discipline) and I keep worrying that it will be regarded as flaky crap, though that's more likely if I don't get on with the flipping thing right now, I guess. But at least my trousers aren't likely to fall down while I'm presenting the paper, as happened to the Lord Mayor of Leicester when he stood up to do a talk for a bunch of schoolkids. Poor things, though it presumably made the occasion more memorable for them. He was a bit fat (it appears) and wasn't wearing a belt. Dearie me, trousers round the ankles... how undignified. Mental note to myself to select a good sturdy belt for Tuesday's outfit, as well as finishing the damn paper before dinner. Maybe the one with the horse's head buckle.... hhmm, it's amazing what you can waste time on when there's stuff to do....strange pink fingers in the pic though!