Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Helmet Hair

An idea from the latest in 1960's fashion prevents lady cyclists from having to choose between their hairdo and road safety. An article in 'Popular Science' magazine from July 1964 gives an alternative:

"Both of these cyclists are wearing crash helmets - the lady's is a nylon-hair wig on a heavy plaster-composition base. Made by a London hairdresser in a variety of colours and hairdos, the wigs are the rage with women riders. Skintight, they are waterproof and can be worn on any occasion."

Well, we can't have ladies compromising their fashionable style and new hairdos out on the roads. I wonder if it caught on? I'd love to see the whole range of styles available. It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase helmet hair...

From Modern Mechanix - a brilliant blog with scanned articles and advertisements from old popular science-type magazines. Looks like ones from the 1920s to 1970s, from a quick glance, though I could (and probably will!) spend hours looking through the whole blog. It's a nice, dust-free way of looking through old magazines, unlike the many days I've spent in museum archives, poring over Victorian undertaker's journals and early 20th century fashion magazines, sneezing from the dust and getting grubby fingers... though the content is usually worth a few sniffles.

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