Thursday, July 19, 2007

Marker-Pen Murder Shirt

On my way to work, I saw a man wearing a shirt telling a tale of how someone tried to murder him. He looked quite ordinary, a bit scruffy and in his 50s-60s, striding purposefully up the road with his bag, except for his rather odd shirt. It was just a man's white shirt, worn untucked over a t-shirt, but with lots of writing scrawled on the back in black marker pen. It said that on a particular date a while ago, someone tried to murder him. Unfortunately, I couldn't read the rest, as he was walking very fast in the opposite direction and the fabric was crumpled, so now I'll never know what the rest of the strange story on his back said. It seemed a bit rude to run after him to take a photo and finish reading the text later, somehow.

It's an interesting way to get people to take notice of you, though. If he'd been an everyday sort of ranter, telling anyone he met whatever was on his mind, the usual tactic from the public is avoidance. By writing it on his back, he got attention without anyone having to actually speak to him, unless they wanted to. Well, people at the bus-stop were curious, and I wouldn't mind reading the rest of his tale. It's obviously important to him, whatever it is.

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Annette said...

I'm a little confused about this because if someone had tried to murder you, wouldn't you rather keep it to yourself!
I personally, would not have that written on my shirt, and I would not want people looking at me trying to read it!