Monday, July 09, 2007

Horrible week

I don't know why some weeks are just crap, when several month's worth of annoying things all happen at once. Nothing terrible, just when things break down, and quick jobs turn into long-running sagas, and people or situations that are usually ok suddenly become intensely irritating. You find your patience slipping away and realise you're getting really pissed off, but think, well, it can't get any worse today, until some other person inflicts another totally avoidable situation on you to sort out. And you get a stinking cold on top of that, to mess up your weekend.

Why does it seem to happen like that? We were discussing it during a fire drill the other day at work, as everyone else seemed to be in the same mood. If you were an astrologer, you might explain it away as an unusual planetary configuration causing conflict. Maybe it was around a full moon, when everyone is supposed to get a bit moody and irrational. Or perhaps grumpiness is contagious, where one person is in a foul mood and really rude, and it has a knock-on effect, sending everyone else they deal with into a bad mood too.

Anyway, it was one of those weeks, and I'm glad it's over.


dickiebo said...

Know exactly what u mean.
Over the weekend, I had severe toothache coming from a gum infection. That put me down in the mouth. Bad weather cancelled all cricket matches - a disaster. My computer keyboard developed a malfunction which made it very difficult to use. As though that wasn't bad enough, a fellow blogger in the States sent me an e-mail to say that my blogging-twin's father has passed away.
Don't evn know which planet I was on!

Claire said...

I'm sorry about your blogging-twin's father, and hope the toothache's getting better.

Funny (and not in an amusing way) how bad things happen in clusters - one a week and it wouldn't seem so grim! Life is weird sometimes.