Sunday, August 12, 2007

Zapped by a Pink Seal!

TUPC's comment about the solar bikini reminded me of this weird invention I'd seen recently. It deserves a small mention on the blog, as it's nearly jewellery (sort of accessories for bags, though maybe a bit anti-social).

It's one of those dangly objects you attach to a bag or mobile phone, shaped like a 'cute' pink seal, but with a special hidden property as a 'stun gun' (so it says).

It's battery powered and is designed to give a minor electric shock when applied to the body. Apparently its voltage isn't strong enough to use it as a self-defence weapon, so you should probably avoid any 'have-a-go-hero' antics with this one.

The advertising blurb on the website says: "Who imagines this lovely seal is a stun gun? It gives an electric shock to a naughty guy trying to touch you. Ouch!"

It might not be powerful enough to deter anyone trying to steal your bag, but the blurb does warn against using it on anyone with heart disease, or applying it to a 'delicate part of the body'.

It's sold as a 'funny toy', but it depends on your sense of humour, I guess. Though I quite like the idea that it's the start of Revenge of the Seals, getting their own back on humans and making up for all the real-life baby ones that get clubbed to death by people.

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