Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Respectably Studious

I'm not sure what the appeal of using different libraries is, but it's definitely there for me! I love going to other libraries and archives! Maybe it's the promise of all those unfamiliar books... lots of new topics just waiting to be trawled through, making fresh ideas pop into your head and prod the research forwards a tiny bit more. Lovely!!!

I've been going to the library at the LSE (London School of Economics) recently, I needed different material to the usual fashion, art and design stuff. It's a nice contrast to ours.... nothing odd going on in the background, like someone filming a giant black and white cardboard model of a cat's head between the bookshelves.

No little luxuries to indulge the visiting researcher either, as in the Goldsmiths jewellery library in the City. Like... someone else fetching your books, doing your photocopying, offering you tea in proper cups and saucers AND other interested listeners at the only table in the room making helpful suggestions - good ones, too!

Nope, it's just loads of social science books, waiting to be browsed through. (I'm probably making myself sound really exciting here, aren't I!! Aah well, there you go!!!)

I like seeing the different types of people at other libraries too. LSE students aren't like art students, perhaps unsurprisingly, quite different styles of clothing. But it's got a nice, respectably studious atmosphere. Everyone there looks very preoccupied and purposeful. It reminded me that I'm not the only person in the country who's not 'away in August', and maybe just a few other people are slogging away during the summer too, trying to get something done instead of having a holiday. It's a funny old business, this academic research thing, but I can't imagine wanting to do anything else!


Robin said...

It's great to hear you when you are really enjoying the research. Maybe this is the real theme of your blogsite - the ups and downs of the process of academic research. I'm sure it could inspire and reassure other people who are in your situation or contemplating embarking on it.

Claire said...

Thanks. Not quite convinced about inspiring and reassuring though!

I do wonder myself what the 'theme' of it is sometimes- it's hard to work out what you should write about when it's not a proper, clearly defined 'job blog.' Not that there's any *should* about it really!

Probably best to write about whatever's on my mind, and maybe the blog takes shape over time. Sometimes it's research, sometimes a notice or a review, or something weird on telly or the internet, I don't know... it must have some theme eventually, because it's all come out of the same head!

I think I'll just get on with it and see how it develops!