Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday procrastination

Statistics for blogs are curious sometimes... the things people type into google (or other search engines) to end up on your blog. It seems to go in patterns for mine, I've got lots looking for stuff on peanut butter diamonds at the moment, but all (apparently) from America. It's an easier phrase to remember than 'research into high pressure physics and materials in extreme conditions', I suppose, if you're not a scientist. It made me wonder why the sudden interest... has there been something on the news in that country recently, that got people logging onto their computers to find out more?

There was an Osmonds spate a while back, so I wondered whether they'd been in the media then. Maybe the searchers didn't really want a picture of the fan club's
official battery-powered Osmonds toothbrush, but there you go, that's part of the fascination of blogs. One person's trivia can be interesting to at least one other person in the whole wide world. We are not alone in our obscure ramblings.

I think there will be Elvis searches next week, as it's the anniversary of his death. I've got a nice Elvis bracelet actually, now I come to think of it... I got it from The Girl Can't Help It, a stall in Alfie's Antiques Market, and it's not any old souvenir tat either - oh no. 'Imported direct from Graceland,' I was told. It's got tiny photos embedded in it that look a bit luminous, my favourites being the pink cadillac and 'Hollywood Elvis', as his hair looks nice in that pic. People at work liked it, so it has the Cultural Studies Fashion seal of approval, strangely enough!

Ooh, can I possibly be putting off getting down to some serious writing, procrastinating by woffling on about blog statistics? Surely not! Oh well, back to PhD chapter number 7 again.... hhmm, I think I've said that before...

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