Thursday, August 16, 2007


I like this image. It's quite fuzzy and low-resolution, but it looks like a sort of quasi-religious pilgrimage, with people carrying candles and gifts, though you're not sure who the people are, or what they're lining up for in the gloomy half-light.

It's fans queuing at Graceland, home of Elvis Presley, on the 30th anniversary of his death. The image is a screenshot from the live webcam set up at Graceland, that's set up to refresh its image every 60 seconds. It's just a fleeting view of the front lawn of the Graceland Mansion at one moment in time, on Thursday 16th July 2007, at 6.05 am, although I was looking at midday on the internet in sunny (!!) London. Maybe I'll think of something fascinatingly incisive to say about this, when I've thought about it a bit more - that would be nice! But not today though, as my brain's in jewellery mode (fortunately).

Several decades on, the level of devotion Elvis still inspires in people seems quite amazing on one level, though with that voice and those looks, maybe not!


Annette said...

Another great that died 30 years ago on the 16-9-77 was Marc Bolan.
He was fantastic, I loved him.
They say that the good die young.
True though isn't it?

Claire said...

It's amazing the way talented musicians still live on through their work, influencing people decades after their deaths. They seem almost timeless, in their place in music history and people's lives.

I had to go to Golder's Green crematorium a few years back, to speak to the manager about cremation jewellery for the Phd, and he said people come up regularly to lay flowers and tributes on Marc Bolan's grave. I guess this year will be a big anniversary then.

Annette said...

Oh yes, and they even put ribbons around the tree.