Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Official Irish Dirt

A new business website importing bags of 'official' Irish dirt into the USA, to sell to nostalgic Irish Americans have a special Christmas offer on now- buy 3, get 1 free! At $15 per 0.75 lb bag, a bargain not to be missed!

Alan Jenkins, one of the company founders, realised that there was a large market for second, third and fourth generation Irish in America to buy a handful of real Irish dirt to throw on their caskets when they died - a token handful of 'auld sod' from the mother country.

The firm has already received an order from an elderly New York businessman, originally from the west of Ireland, for $100,000 worth of dirt.

"He was in two minds about his final resting place, but now he's decided to be totally immersed in a full grave of Irish soil -- in Manhattan," Pat Burke, the other company founder, said.

(from CDAS November newsletter)

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Mathias Klang said...

wow, what a cool idea for a business. I wonder if they specialise? Dirt from Cork, pure Dublin dirt...