Friday, November 03, 2006

Frozen Tights

Brr! It's cold today in London - only 3 degrees c., but enough to get the winter clothes out.


My Swedish Aunt told me once, when I was very young, that it got so cold in Sweden during the winter that if you didn't wear sensible clothes, very bad things could happen... she painted a grim picture of women whose tights became frozen to their legs and had to be surgically removed in hospital. As it was the 1970's when she mentioned this, I had hideous visions of the curiously popular orangey-brown American Tan coloured tights being painstakingly (and probably painfully) picked off womens' legs in A&E departments, recklessly suffering in the name of fashion.

I mentioned this dubious memory to a Swedish person recently, probably revealing a terrible naivety on my part (or just a very strange memory). I should really investigate this frozen hosiery thing further, to see if there's any truth in it, in appropriately rigorous PhD style....but maybe tomorrow....

Apparently, American Tan tights were popular in the 1970s, according to an enthusiast's fully-fashioned hosiery website. So at least that ghastly memory is correct.

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