Thursday, November 23, 2006

Dragon tattoos

I really miss my little sister today, not sure why this particular day, as she's been dead for years (a sort of freak accidental death from taking ecstacy). I guess I wouldn't have minded a chat with her about stuff at the moment... if you could have a catch-up with someone dead, I wonder what they'd tell you...anything...or nothing? Also, I found her autopsy report a few days ago when I was looking for something else. The doctor photocopied it for me, as I knew I'd forget everything that happened at her inquest (the same thing happened the previous year with someone else's inquest and I couldn't remember what was said, which was quite upsetting...)

I think all her tattoos stretched the autopsy writer's powers of description a bit, just logged as 'dragon on left foot', 'dragon on right shoulder' etc., but I guess they don't need that much detail for their purposes. She spent lots of money on her tattoos, very spectacular and quite exotic, many of which were designed by her artist boyfriend at the time, who is now apparently a 'cult figure' according to someone at work (the Cult Figure and I found that quite amusing, as Sarah would have too). She liked dragons as tattoos because of their symbolic meanings, as in this stuff by Don Ed Hardy... (apparently it's quite a rare book about tattoos)

"The Oriental dragon represents the awesome pure force of Life itself, a composite creature of magical dimensions that is a study in the balanced negative and positive forces - yin and yang - believed to underly all existence.

"...As tattooing transforms us, so the dragon as symbol of metamorphosis, power and mystery is a particularly apt image. Dragons continue to live and breathe on bodies worldwide, fantasy projections for daily contemplation of the larger energies contained within our transient forms."

So now dragons remind me of her, but they're quite appropriate really...Victor did the coloured one for her funeral booklet.

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