Friday, January 06, 2012

New Year post

It seems a bit weird to to think back to Christmas rather than ahead to the New Year, but it's a shame to waste the only photo I took at the Duckie 'Copyright Christmas' extravaganza. It's Dickie Beau in a sinister looking Santa's knee scenario at the Barbican, December 2011.

Lots of very good mini-performances about consumerism in a promenade around the Temple of Shopping that Robin Whitmore designed, though it was days ago now so I can't remember very much. The finale was brilliant and full of technical wizardry, with Scottee as Carole the Helpful Store Manager rising up from a tower of crap and the audience being bombarded with screwed up rubbish paper by assorted elves and other employees. Kath Bird's job hunting performance was very good and I'd like to see it again, as a few minutes wasn't enough. I think it would go down well alongside other political satirical performances as it was very well observed and executed. So was the VSS shopping channel - what tempting products they sell so convincingly. Their Snack Saver (below) is a great idea and so very timely in this age of enforced austerity. The Frugal Fruit and the Brush! are very good too - have a look at the videos if you're after some more money saving products.

The recycling and corporate responsibility idea struck a chord with me - it is indeed so worthy (and necessary), but can be so very dull. I'd better put that notion speedily behind me and try to get interested in it, as I've got to do an assignment this term on sustainability for that PG Cert. Must find an interesting angle on it but not today, as I'm not quite back at work properly yet.

And a belated Happy New Year to us all - let's hope so, eh.

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