Friday, January 13, 2012

Free-range office worker

We've moved offices again. I feel like I've gone from being a battery-farmed office worker to more of a free-range creature, happily frolicking in the extra space and breathing in the presumably normal, non-fuggy air that other people are used to. Sounds ok for a New Year start to me. Hopefully increased job satisfaction and then utter contentment will follow in due course. And I'm not being sarky either... the contrast between how I feel now and back then is surprising, so the environment must have affected me more than I realised. I felt like I was on a train to deadsville for a while last year, but now I've hopped off.

Next we've got a video by The Monkees, an extremely tenuous connection with my post I know, but hey ho, it's a pleasant song anyway. Not terribly good quality, but the less blurry ones available were either subtitled in Spanish or showed bizarre, unfunny 'romps' from their TV series, both of which detracted from the music in my opinion.

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