Sunday, April 01, 2007

RIP Old Tom

Changing the subject a bit here, but it really upset me... it's nothing to do with clothes or being stabbed, unless you include being mauled to death by the razor-sharp teeth of a slobbering dog...

My mum's elderly, one-eyed tom cat got killed by someone's 'pet' pit bull terrier yesterday. The revoltingly ugly, piggy-eyed, slavering-jowelled dog rushed into her back garden and ripped the poor old cat to shreds while he was sitting in the sun. Blood everywhere. What is it with south London men and their vicious dogs??? No-one takes any notice until the dogs actually injure or kill someone, and then it's too late. There are alternative dogs that don't kill other people's pets, you know, but I suppose they're not 'manly' enough for the 'image', which is rather sad, if that's the case.

RIP Old Tom.

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