Monday, April 23, 2007

Pale slimy alien thing replaces brain

Can't write at the moment - absolutely great, with a big PhD deadline looming. Tomorrow. My brain feels like that pale slimy thing Doctor Who's poking in the picture... though I bet there's more intellectual thoughts in that thing than in my head today.

Should have got up, switched on the computer and started typing when I woke up in the night thinking about this flipping chapter, but decided it was a bit of a sad b*stard thing to do and went back to sleep. Aah well, that's one little fleeting nugget of genius I'll never remember I had... (I wish!!).


Annette said...

Well, thats weird.
I once saw a film about a ship they found floating in the sea. Most of the crew were missing, presumed dead. The other crew on board were dead but what was so weird was, they were floating around.
No-one could work out why this was.
They never did find the other crew members, or what had actually happened on board.
This was apparently based on actual events.

Claire said...

That is weird too, I can guess why it was made into a film.

I thought the Australian one was really strange, partly because of the food on the table ready for dinner, like they'd just popped out for a second. Seems to be taking them a while to investigate it.