Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Humperdinck, Hendrix and Green Parakeets

I'm a bit stuck with writing a chapter, due for a meeting several weeks off... an important meeting actually and not long now, so I probably shouldn't be looking out of the window so much... I wish a flock of green parakeets would fly past and sit in the tree outside...

There's supposed to be about 30,000 wild ones in London now. Apparently people get them in their gardens and on birdfeeders, but I've never seen any... maybe one day. Typical English reaction - now the birds are a problem to be culled (ie shoot them in large numbers) because they're annoying a suburban rugby club. How could you shoot one of those funny little green birds?

According to the news report the other day, the legend goes... the whole lot are descendants of a pair of green parakeets that Jimi Hendrix let loose while he was in London in the 1960s, to let a bit of colour into the grey English landscape. Blimey, it's not that grim here, but lovely to have a swarm of wild exotic birds now. Nice legacy, on top of his music.

And did you know (while I'm procrastinating...) Hendrix appeared on Engelbert Humperdinck's TV show once? Yep, sounds unlikely, but as it came from the lips of Engelbert himself, it's obviously true. Purple Haze and Release Me... strange song combination. Actually, I like both songs, and The Last Waltz too. Apparently Engelbert did a song called Lesbian Seagull once... what, the King of Romance? Hhmm, sounds odd, but hell, you live and learn, don't you. So many things to think about when you've got work to do...

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