Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Weird logic

Now I know why our carpets are always covered in filth in this department - we've got the wrong type of carpet.

One of the college cleaners demonstrated how this was possible, attempting to vacuum up a test patch of muck, to prove a point... look, the dirt is still on the carpet, despite the hoover's best efforts to suck it up. That's not because it's a crappy old vacuum cleaner without enough suction power, or the cleaning team's intermittent visits to this department. It's because we've got the wrong type of carpet. Sort of like when you get the wrong type of snow disrupting public transport. Weird logic, but strangely endearing.


Krimson Monk said...

As a fellow Phd. student, I enjoyed reading your blog. I can relate to the feeling that you never seem to be done dispite all of the work you've done. Keep on movinn!!

Claire said...

Thanks!! It's so universal, but doesn't seem to make it any easier some days!