Friday, February 09, 2007

Mummy, but not yummy

According to my blog stats, one of the most frequent searches from new visitors is for 'mummy's bracelets' in Google. I feel a bit guilty when I see that, as they're likely to be horribly disappointed when they start reading.

It's 'mummy' as in preserved dead bodies in the Egyptian Galleries at the British Museum, or scary, un-dead creatures capable of superstitious cursing in theatrical horror films. As opposed to a particular range of bracelets for the 'yummy mummy': sentimental gifts for new mums, or for that special mother and daughter bonding relationship. Well, I never knew these things existed until I started this blog, proving what an educational activity blogging can be.

So I'm terribly sorry if that's what you were looking for. This blog is named after a novelty song by Lee Ross on a compilation of 1950s rock 'n' roll horror tracks. Not actually very horrible, luckily for delicate people like me, as it's the 1950's, so predating the expected graphic detail of blood, guts and gore for contemporary equivalents. It's a perky little song about the myths that become attached to a bracelet stolen from a mummy's wrist, leaving a curse on those who wear it. Sentimental, but probably not very yummy... think tacky Halloween songs, rather than maternal bonding.

Ah well, the strangeness of the English language can be vaguely amusing sometimes, same word, but very different meanings...


Mathias Klang said...

Claire you shouldn't feel guilty think of it as broadening the general knowledge of those who visit your site!

Claire said...

Heheh... that's a very good attitude!!