Monday, December 04, 2006

'Tattoo sleeves'

My attention was directed towards these things earlier... one step up from stick-on tattoo transfers, these 'tattoo sleeves' have their tattoo designs printed on sheer mesh stocking fabric, ideal for would-be tattoo fiends with a needle phobia. Or part-time subcultural rebels, who don't want to quite commit themselves with permanent body changes for the weekend, as it's back to the office job on Monday morning. Put your Harley Davidson back in the garage, wash out that temporary hair dye and take off your tattoo sleeves...

"With this incredible invention, you can get a fierce tattoo as quick and easy as putting on a shirt. Tattoo Sleeves have changed our lives. Now, when we walk through warehouse districts and dark alleyways, people see our tattoos and get out of the way. If we'd just get rid of our 'Hello Kitty' backpack we'd really be intimidating!"

It would probably be nice for the police and everyone else if it just took a few tattooed mesh things on your arms to scare people off and make you feel safe, but sadly, I doubt life is that simple, judging by the frequent knife and gun incidents you hear about on the news and elsewhere.

I did actually see someone in the local supermarket today, with arms like these sleeves, and couldn't help smiling... were they real tattoos or had I guessed his little secret? As it wouldn't be very 'hard' to be discovered with cut-down printed stockings on your arms in public, especially browsing the cheap TV soap guides and celebrity gossip magazines, I erred on the side of caution and averted my eyes. Just in case.

Thanks Paul - nice to know other people spend ages looking at really useful stuff on the internet when they've got loads of work to do too!! Still haven't finished my bloody paper... my plans change from day to day to accommodate each day's slowness and academic inactivity... it's not boring at all, I just can't make myself do stuff quickly any more. Maybe it's an end-of-term thing. Tomorrow I will start to panic and then it'll get done. Actually, probably not...

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