Monday, December 04, 2006

Blogs on TV Web doc

Could be interesting on Tuesday 5th December... a BBC Documentary about the web, 'Imagine', including various bloggers... (info via Random Acts of Reality blog)
Details from the Mildly Diverting blog...
"...a really excellent programme about the creative culture of the web. It's not hardcore geek - that wouldn't be right for the audience of the show - but it's a great overview of the way the MySpace generation are changing cultural consumption."

"The list of heavy hitter interviewees should give you a good flavour of how right she's got it: Tim Berners Lee, David Weinberger, Clay Shirky, Jimmy Wales, Henry Jenkins, Chris Anderson... I hope you'll agree that's a good mix of people, all of whom have really sound insights into the way the web is permeating everyday life, and how media is getting democratised."

"There are some real grassroots voices in there too - David Firth, creator of Salad Fingers, was reccomended by m'estimable colleague David Thair, and looks to be in the final cut. There's Dickon Edwards, Girl with a One Track Mind, and some modern beat combo called the Horrors, too. "


kim said...

Did you enjoy it?


claire said...

I did - but I wished it could have been the first in a more in-depth series, as there was too much potentially interesting stuff to cover in too little time! I would have been curious to see the human face of the NHS Blog Doctor included too... Well done, though -hopefully there will be more progs in that vein in the future!

Natalie said...

Was I invisible or what?? I was the Other Blogger on Imagine, the, um, Older Woman, with the comic strip about Tony Blair. I know that my interview was edited down to just a minimal sound byte, but hell, it would be nice for Blaugustine to be mentioned in the post-programme discussions. Never mind, I'll just sob quietly.

claire said...

No, not invisible! You were a good contrast to the other ones featured, and still got a nice chunk of TV time - compared to the other zillions of existing bloggers out there got! Sorry I didn't mention your name in my post, just copied the text from the Mildly Diverting blog. The ambulance man said that most of his interview got cut for the programme too, so apparently not just you!