Sunday, December 03, 2006

Pink everywhere...and not a Barbie in sight

BritBlogs report that 'pink gifts are all the rage this Christmas'... presumably still just for the girlies though? And when you've got your pink iPod nano sorted, you can listen to it safely while lurking under the pink lighting if you live up in Lancashire. It may soon be installed in public places, in an attempt to prevent street crime, intended to have a calming effect on teenagers and supposedly preventing anti-social behaviour, but it also 'accentuates spotty teenage skin'. The Sleepy Policeman notes that even apparently stupid-sounding ideas in beat policing work sometimes. So your new hi-tech gadgets should be safe... unless you meet a mugger who doesn't mind his spots showing up, and who has no aversion to nicking stuff in a street lit up like a set from Barbie.

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