Sunday, November 25, 2007

X Factor: Checkout Chat

There is a certain checkout till in my local Sainsbury's where you can count on having a quick chat about the X Factor. Depends on who's in the queue next to you, but there's usually a little gaggle of about 3 or 4 people, including the cashier, dissecting the last show. Nice to get different points of view.

We all wondered how small Leon actually is, as judges and presenters constantly refer to him as "little Leon". If he didn't have a height complex before the series, he should do now. So how tall is he???

Today's second favourite was Niki - "There's something about her, she always makes you cry". Crying is good, as it shows they sing with emotion and "move you", though the whole programme seems to be turning into a bit of a blub-fest at the moment anyway.

Same Difference are apparently good because they're "clean-living, a bit like Donny and Marie Osmond". I wasn't happy about that comparison, as no-one does clean-living like the Osmonds, though I understood where they were coming from.

None of us liked yesterday's Rhydian song, though we unanimously want him to win. Despite the song, I actually voted for him this week, which must be a new stage in my unexpectedly growing fan-dom. The last time I voted in a TV reality show was for a Portugese transsexual to win Big Brother years ago, and that was partly a tactical vote against the other smug contestant who thought they had it in the bag - how could they lose against a transsexual? (Haha, lose they did. Someone must have underestimated the power of the underdog or negative press to translate into votes.)

I'm quite looking forward to next week's post-X Factor trip to the supermarket now.

What am I talking about...?
Official X Factor site
A more interesting Rhydian and X Factor site
That's all you need really.


dickiebo said...
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dickiebo said...

Crikey. Is that what Rhyd....Rheedi....Rhydia....he looks like?

Claire said...

Yep, that's The Rhydler. Not my usual musical cup of tea, I must admit, but there is something interesting about him. I'm guessing he hasn't got all of Wales swept up in Rhydian-fever, from your comment then, Dickiebo!

dickiebo said...

Claire, No! But......I thank you for bringing him to my attention!!!

Claire said...

Oh dear, there's no accounting for taste sometimes, is there! I don't think he'll be doing any Elvis or rockabilly numbers, but he's the most interesting of the current bunch. Really!!!