Monday, November 12, 2007

Anti-Stalker Camouflage Dress

I saw an item about this in several places, including the BBC news website. The only information available is that "a Japanese designer has created a dress that allows women to evade stalkers by blending in with the urban landscape."

No mention of the designer's name or anything else, rather strangely. I'm all for encouraging innovative new designs in clothing (obviously) or I'd have no place working in an art college. I just can't quite see how shimmying into an outfit in an urban street to disguise yourself as a vending machine can be a good way of avoiding the attention of weirdos. Quite the opposite, I would think. Call me a sensible old cynic if you like, but I still can't take it seriously as a crime prevention idea. Is it supposed to be...???

I've never embedded a video clip before - ooh, a blogging first for me! By the way, I'm not trying to encourage you to watch any other sleazy video clips about stalking, just the vending machine girl. You can play it a second time (should you want to!!!!!) by clicking the bottom left little pointy-triangle shaped icon .


Hotter Than... said...

I quite agree. Why? I won't make any obvious comments about coins and slots but I'm guessing your average weirdo will only see it as a challenge.

You're technologically braver than me - I only learnt to up-load photos a couple of months ago. Yey you.

Claire said...

Thanks, I was quite pleased with myself!! It would be great to learn a bit about other web stuff eventually too.... ooh, one day!