Sunday, March 18, 2007

Trolley-dolly pop represents UK at Eurovision

An ultra-camp pop song has been selected by the public to represent the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest this year. Scooch (who I'd never heard of before) sounded like a camped-up version of Steps or S Club 7, with a catchy airline themed song 'Flying The Flag (For You)' complete with air hostess uniforms and actual trollies incorporated into the choreography- literally trolley dollies.* Excellent mix of pop and kitsch, perfectly in the spirit of Eurovision and by far the best of the UK acts in the running.

No point in treating Eurovision like a 'normal' musical competition, though I get the feeling many of the other countries take it very seriously indeed... fascinating given the totally surreal and aurally challenging entries frequently offered. Our other contenders took themselves far too seriously... there's no point- since when was the competition about music alone?? It's not the Brit Awards. Justin Hawkins (from The Darkness) walked off when he heard he'd been voted out by the viewers, despite being the bookies favourite.

I liked the way Scooch incorporated the British flag into their routine too... camping up the Union Jack is good in this case. Maybe a really kitsch, perky pop performance could undo some of the damage done a few years ago, when everyone in Europe hated us for going to war in Iraq and gave us the infamous 'nil points'.

* For those who don't know, trolley dolly is a term affectionately used for Flight Attendants (male and female) in the airline industry. It's not derogatory as far as I know, but apologies if it is. I'm assuming it wouldn't have got onto the BBC if it was considered politically incorrect, but then it's hard to keep up with pedantic changes in colloquial language use these days.

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