Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rebel with a cause

I thought I might have been hallucinating the other day, speculating about rebel police bloggers conducting their own form of protest anonymously across the internet. I've marked too many essays and completed too many Unit Assessment Forms on too little sleep to think very clearly.

But it seems I was right... Inspector Gadget's latest post, 'What you read will shock you', promises to post some information into the public domain soon that will make everyone that reads it change their opinions about our Criminal Justice system for ever.

In his words, "I want this to become an urban legend. I want everyone in the country to read this. I want to create a storm even if it costs me personally."

There seems something quite significant about this, though I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's because police aren't meant to be 'politically active' because of the nature of their job (correct me if I'm wrong obviously). So if your job prevents you (for perfectly legitimate reasons) from voicing any sort of overt opposition or protest, what do you do if something comes along which you feel really should be in the public domain? Do what Inspector Gadget is doing and post it on the internet before you get officially stopped, I guess... I wonder where it could all lead.

On a different but vaguely related note, as it's about covert activities, I must go to see the Science of Spying exhibition at the Science Museum. Saw a picture of a strange robotic leg for spies a while back, not very James Bond, but interesting (above). One of the students wanted to do an essay on prosthetics which I know absolutely nothing about, so I feel obliged to investigate.

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