Monday, March 07, 2011

Just passing through

Just popped over to feed the fish with some yellow specks of virtual fishfood. It's still satisfying to feed them and watch them swim over, haha, simple pleasures, I must be more overworked than I thought. Can't believe how tiring it is juggling teaching plus an admin job, haven't been this knackered since I submitted my thesis and that's not an experience I care to repeat. I've had withdrawal symptoms from not watching TV detective programmes, or any TV actually. Writing lectures for a new place takes SO much time, you think you've got enough material but it's not enough when you start reworking it for a different audience. Oh well. And I'm wearing one contact lens which is really annoying, though you get used to it after a while and it's the best of a load of crap choices anyway.  I scratched my cornea so have to leave the lens out till it heals. You can get by with imperfect vision when you have to. I do like flaming eyeball graphics but am not mad about those glasses, they're a bit Elton John circa early '70s in his less sophisticated days. They'll do for the blog though. A question on wiki-somethingorother asked 'what do flaming eyeballs mean?' (a perfectly valid thing to ask) and the answer was 'you need medical help.' Not a very creative response for anyone wanting to investigate hot rod art. Eyes do feel a bit flamey when you've had scans with lasers or whatever they use, your vision goes all pink for a day or so. Quite weird. Despite that, I am looking forward to having some eye operations soon.

I must finish this lecture... I'll make a cup of tea and get on with it.

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