Saturday, December 12, 2009


Having seen the post on Mathias's blog about the Technorati 'State of the Blogosphere 2009' report, I started reading it with the intention of writing something thoughtful about blogging, but got sidetracked by the phrase 'In a world that’s constantly changing'.  I knew it was from a David Cassidy song, who was a 1970s teen pop idol, for anyone not familar with that genre. Perhaps rather worryingly, snippets of song lyrics seem to stay in my head, even when they haven't been personal favourites, and they pop up to illustrate normal everyday stuff when I least expect it. I'd agree with the song fragment though - how indeed can one be sure of anything in a world that's constantly changing?

I could write about the speedily changing state of higher education, as evidenced weekly in the increasingly doomy Times Higher Education supplement, or moan about the creeping job cuts in my own institution, where the landscape seems to shift almost weekly. It's a bit depressing to dwell on though, so I won't. Can't be sure of much these days really, but it certainly is changing rapidly. A bit of early 70s pop seems a pleasantly escapist alternative, especially given the bloody awful state of the UK economy at the moment which is providing vague reminders of the 1970s recession, with increasing strikes, unemployment, rising cost of living, etc etc etc. David looks dreamily cheerful in his pink and orange satin outfit though, and has a lovely voice too.

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