Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I've been listening to lots of early Animals recently. Their music has been a very good way for me to combat work-related misery and stress, though I am an Eric fan anyway. I bet he would have been a punk if he'd been born two decades later. I like this photo as it's different to the usual pop star fan photos from the sixties. The chairs they are lolling on are well-known modern design classics, the Dax chair designed in 1948-50 in fibreglass by Charles Eames. So that's a classic band and a classic chair design all in one pic - what more could one want! Well, I'd like to know who took the photo actually... if anyone's got the original vinyl album 'Animalization', I'd love to know if there are any more details about it on the cover, they usually have more info on them than relatively miniscule cd covers and suchlike. Anyone...?

A search for the photo using TinEye, a reverse image search engine that lets you upload a pic to it then searches for matches on the internet, showed it was a photo on that album cover. It's odd being able to search using images, the internet suddenly seems much smaller for some reason... You think uploading an image to a blog or something is fairly anonymous and no-one will ever track you down as the internet is such a huge place, you're just a little speck in cyberspace, but oh no, you can be found! Useful if you're an artist or photographer and want to see who's using your work without permission though.

(Links courtesy of the very knowledgeable looker-up of all things digital, thecatsmother.)


Helen McCookerybook said...

Brilliant band, and from Geordieland too, like Bryan Ferry and ..ahem...John Miles (oops!). And of course, Martin Stephenson.
Funny place.

The Mummy's Bracelet said...

They are indeed!!! They seem quite nice and funny too, from the biography and documentary footage I've been reading & watching recently. You forgot Cheryl Cole btw!

Claire x

SandDancer said...

I love that picture. I'm from up there too - not that I'm a famous musician, although my parents were friends with John Miles, which as lame claims to fame must rank quite highly.