Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pullovers and Puns

TheCatsMother and myself have been comparing various cashmere cardigans from different shops recently, in a quest for a nice but reasonably priced one. I tried out one from a mailorder company called Woolovers, though I had to send it back as it was a bit old fashioned in a bad way, rather than old fashioned in a good vintage cardi way. We've spent quite a while pondering how the name was supposed to be pronounced - wool lovers (they love their wool) or woolovers, as in pullovers. The man in the post office asked me the same question, then added his own bad pun by noting that it was 'wool over for the pullover'... (as in 'all over'...) *groan*.

Then he tried to sell me life insurance while quietly singing to himself. I wasn't sure whether his sales attempt was a seasonal thing - maybe Xmas then New Year followed by a credit crunch makes people die more rapidly and without warning, so insurance is more necessary?? I definitely don't look as if I'm at death's door, but I would have bought some stamps if he was desperate to sell me something extra.

Continuing the clothing theme, here's a song by Jess Conrad called This Pullover, recorded in 1961. It's about the relationship between a man and a pullover. It has apparently been described as the worst song ever, but I'd say remember The Birdie Song or Agadoo before making your mind up, as they are completely charmless. Though Agadoo has got some nice dancing fruit and unusually lurid shirts in the video.... well, interesting for 2 seconds maybe...


Helen McCookerybook said...

'This Pullover' appeared on Kenny Everett's 'Worlds Worst Record' LP in the 1980s. He had a show on Capital Radio where listeners sent in the worst records they had. There were much worse ones- 'I want My Baby Back' about a man killing his girlfriend in a motorcycle accident and digging his way into her coffin, and a hilarious one by Mrs Mills where she warbles her song so much that it's totally impossible to work out the melody. I have a CD copy of some of them that I bought off eBay a few years ago if you're interested!

Claire said...

I've heard 'I Want my Baby Back' actually, I got the Grim Reaper's Jukebox CDs a few months ago and there are some very strange 'gems' on them!! They fill me with wonder and bemusement, which is nice!