Friday, September 26, 2008

fed up

I haven't posted for ages (again). I think it'll be like this for the next few months probably, as my thesis is rolling on towards the end and it makes me feel physically sick when I realise how much work I've still got to do - it scares me in case I can't get it done in time, because that will be it - all those year's work down the drain. So I just seem to work all the time, either on that, or else I go to work. Long hours, so I'm always tired, but I can't think of how else to stop myself worrying about it. If I don't actually do something tangible, then I dream about it and feel knackered the next day. I know it's normal, as other Phders say exactly the same things so you feel a bit better but it's a very weird way of life at the moment. My tolerance for prats seems to be much lower than it used to be, I've been really irritable lately, not nasty or rude, I don't think, but people and things just get on my nerves faster than they usually do. But then you see something horrible, like the aftermath of a bad road accident on the way to work, and it puts things into perspective.

Anyway, sorry to moan, I'll get off to sleep now and try to do a happy post next time.


dickiebo said...

Nearly there, gal. It'll be well worth it.

deb said...

Thinking of you! Like dickiebo says...well worth it. My cousin is moving to Sheffield UK to do research and teach at the Univ there. She finished her PhD last year...something to do with genetics and social morality. Beyond me. They've (husband and wife) just sold their house in Vermont and are quite committed to her new position across the pond!

Roses said...

Don't worry about the prats in this world - they always seem to find a way.

What's important is that you get through this time with your sanity intact. You will get through it honey.


Mathias Klang said...

Know the feeling! Keeping fighting the last bits are the worst but you are almost done. It is better on the other side :)

Claire said...

Thank you for your kind words :)

I had one of those crap weeks when you just end up having a good cry at the end of it because you're so knackered and stressed, but it seems to do you good in a weird cathartic way. All a bit pathetic really, but there you go. I'm sure I'll get through the rest of it ok as long as I keep at it, hopefully with my health and sanity intact as you said Roses.

Thanks again!!