Friday, August 08, 2008

Back from another blogging gap

Another blogging gap, and another explanation I suppose, though it's funny the way you feel the need to say why you've been invisible, when you're effectively talking to yourself, as Sanddancer put it recently. It's just been work really (job and doctorate). Time-consuming and tiring, nothing very exciting.

My knee is almost completely better, thanks to good NHS doctors and a physiotherapist. It's brilliant to be walking normally again after months of hobbling around. I'm not quite a 'bubble of finesse' again yet, if I ever was and whatever it is... a student called me it at work once, still not sure what they meant, but it sounds quite elegant. So that's why I've indulged myself in wandering around museums recently.

Also met up with Hottie at the V&A, which was very nice. She thought I would be tall and blonde, which I found quite amusing, as I am neither. I tried a blonde wig on once, out of curiosity, and it looked completely vile. I suppose that's one of the strange things about the internet, you get an impression of what someone will look like in real life from their writing - I wonder how you form these pictures in your head. Interesting though.

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Hotter Than... said...

I had fun at the V&A. Thank you or being my guide.

Glad your knee is better and that things are generally good.