Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Thong bandits??

Would anyone with a modicum of common sense look at a ladies thong and think "Ooh yes, great disguise! No-one will ever recognise me while I rob that shop if I've got a thong on my head!"

In Colorado, two men used skimpy women's underwear to disguise their faces while robbing a shop. One wore a green thong pulled over his face, and one wore a blue one, while they stuffed their stolen items into a pink rucksack. They turned themselves in after being caught on CCTV. If you were intent on pursuing some dodgy activity and wanted to hide your face, I can understand you would get a bit more coverage from a hoodie or a balaclava as there's obviously more fabric in them, but thongs???


dickiebo said...

Living a dream, perhaps?

Claire said...

Or missing a few brain cells.

Either way, I'll probably attract some dodgy google traffic now, won't I! Knicker fans will be disappointed.

Hotter Than... said...

Maybe they got confused and used thongs instead of tights - an easy mistake to make.

Btw - Dublin. National College of Art and Design.


deb said...

There just has to be something in the water. More and more idiots.

And to add to the no brains...it was just on our local news about the latest pastime viewed on YouTube. It's called 'fire in the hole'. It seems young men have found amusement with the drive through of fast food restaurants. They pick up their order of a large drink and then immediately throw it back through the window at the clerk while yelling 'fire in the hole'. All of this caught on video and duly posted on YouTube where the world can witness their stupidity and their FACES!

Claire said...

Hottie, I'd forgotten about hosiery as a criminal disguise, what a plethora of clothing choices there are...

Don't know anything about that college, but if you ever want me to ask textiles people at work for advice, let me know. There is interesting stuff on the new textile futures site

Have you been to the New Designers annual exhibition each year? It's a great way to see work from most of the British degree shows from all design courses. I've always found it interesting to compare our college's work with other degrees. You get a flavour of all the different courses, eg textiles jewellery, and it's interesting to talk to students from different colleges.

Deb, that sounds horrendous, it would be really dangerous if it was a hot drink. We've had that vile 'happy slapping' thing where people beat up others and film it on their mobiles, even kicking people to death occasionally. Maybe sensible people are in an increasing minority these days, though I sincerely hope not. When Labour are sounding more Tory than the Tories on the news these days, everything seems very wrong indeed.

Roses said...

I've always said there were more uses for thongs than just womens underwear. I had a friend at college who used to use hers (clean) as an emergency scrunchy.

Hotter Than... said...

I think I may well take you up on that offer. Any advice your colleagues can offer would be fab.

Claire said...

Roses, sounds a better use to me than the intended one!

Hottie, yep please do, email me with any specific questions or whatever. I just think it's really important to pick the right course for you, as you'll be there for years.