Monday, May 26, 2008

Nice Bank Hol..?

Just wondering how other people's Bank Holiday Weekends went... ?? I bet you've all had a nice relaxing weekend... a fun-packed weekend getaway, ... or a lovely sunny Saturday afternoon, before the wind and rain started, maybe?

Well, I've been a bit of a work-obsessed saddo, I suppose, though I do like it at the moment, perverse though it may sound. I've been working solidly for days on this chapter to send off to my supervisor tomorrow. I was allowed out to get a bit of shopping, but printed out my draft to read on the bus, so as to save extra time doing corrections on my scrotty wad of paper stuffed in my bag. Time well spent, too! The highlight of today (apart from the wordcount creeping upwards, which is a delight to see... ) was a little Blue Tit hopping along my balcony wall (it was very sweet, actually). I'll miss the end of year student fashion shows tomorrow at the rate I'm going, but there'll be another one next year.... oh blimey, I dream of having my life back, I really do.... money... life.... TV detective shows whenever I like... drool... sigh... whimper... ooh it all sounds SO tempting at the moment.... one day it will all be mine again... well, more than it is now, anyway. PLUS some seriously hefty 'outputs' as we call them (articles, book, odd projects and what have you).

(Oh, I'd better mention that it's just a career-changing thing, I haven't chosen a weird life for the sake of it. I'd better finish the damn doctorate ASAP, otherwise what's the point in giving up 3 days per week of a job years ago to do it? )


dickiebo said...

Other people's BH? I've put a suggestion on my blog. (Don't have the expertise to put a video on your comments. Sorry.)

Claire said...

I thought you were probably all living it up in wild abandon, though that's not hard to achieve in comparison with me! Oh yes, the wild, wild world of arty academic research...