Sunday, May 27, 2007

Protective garments...?

I never realised there were so many garments 'out there' on the internet, all designed to protect our vulnerable human thoughts and minds...

One inventor, Michael Menkin, has been designing Thought Screen Helmets (see left) since 1998 to shield our minds from alien microwave signals. He has sent out over 90 worldwide to date, taking about 4 hours to make each helmet and making absolutely no money from it, as it's a public service. There are testimonies from happy helmet wearers on the site, to combat any waves of cynicism you might be having. These garments (including the baseball cap version) have 'successfully stopped four kinds of alien abduction', including...

1. The praying mantis-like aliens.
2. Servants of the mantis-like aliens, popularly referred to as grays.
3. Snake-skinned aliens, popularly referred to as reptilians.
4. Meek-Moks, named after the sound these aliens make while speaking.

If a Thought Screen Helmet isn't quite to your taste, or doesn't meet your needs for preventing alien abduction, there are a variety of 'fashionable' garments made from aluminium foil on another site, Aluminium Foil Deflector Beanie: Your Effective Low-Cost Solution to Combating Mind Control, which includes tin foil hats for 'camouflage' and 'cosmic ray deflection'...

To think I'd been naively sharing the products of my mind with humans, my computer and the occasional blog post all this time, with not a single thought for unknown psychos trying to control my mind remotely, or aliens zapping my head with microwaves.... wi-fi network emissions maybe, but not aliens.

(via my anonymous work colleagues' group blog)

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