Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Songs about Jewellery

'The Mummy's Bracelet' by Lee Ross is a song on 'Horror Hop', a compilation of horror-themed '50's rock 'n roll tracks from Raucous Records . I like the lyrics. I want a diversion from my PhD. It's a good enough reason to start a blog, along with a little gentle persuasion from some blogging friends.

"Last night at the museum, they're searching for a trace
Of the thief who stole the mummy's bracelet from its case.
And now tonight the mummy's curse is on his thievin' head,
For tonight the mummy's come to life, awakened from the dead.

"The thief who stole the mummy's bracelet gave it to his love,
And now tonight she wears it, while the full moon's up above,
But as she dances in his arms, a chill is in her veins...
She seems to hear the ghostly voice echo this refrain...
Give me my bracelet back!

"At last the dance is over, it's time to say goodnight,
Her lover sees her to the door, she holds him very tight...
She whispers please don't leave me, then upon the stairs
Their blood runs cold because they see the mummy standing there...

"The mummy, he stretched out his hand to take his bracelet back
And where his fingers touched the flesh it began to crack,
And then before her lover's eyes she turned to stone.
At least, that's what they told him when they took him to the home...."

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